In 2012 I joined Teatro de las Esquinas as their official photographer. That has given me the opportunity to work with renowned national and international groups as well as outstanding theatre companies. Thanks to this job, I have become a cautious photographer who goes unnoticed in order to get the most natural pictures in any discipline without distracting performers or spectators in no way.

When I work for theatre companies, I meet them in advance to learn about the type of photographs they want and which are the most important moments to take record of. After that, we try to plan a general rehearsal with the lighting that will be displayed during the real performance. This allows me to move around the stage looking for the best angles and instants to capture. I like taking pictures of the whole play so that the actors and actresses feel completely at ease into their roles and forget about me. My attention is drawn to the characters in the play, not to the artists. Furthermore, I can also provide the companies with individual or group portraits. After these sessions, we obtain material for publicity, portfolio and advertising posters.

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