When I work in concerts, I offer a documentary service that shows the whole event, including the arrival of the musicians to the place of the event, the sound check and the moments prior to the performance. I always distance myself from the artists so that they can feel comfortable. We also find the most appropriate moment to take a 3-4 minutes portraits session that can be used for later promotion or social networks.

During the concert. I like capturing the atmosphere the groups create and obtaining shots from numerous points of view, closer and further from the stage, catching the lighting and the environment .

My main goal is reflecting the best moments of the artists on stage. I can hand over some of photographs during the concert if needed and I send the whole of the report after the event via Wetransfer. I am concerned about offering testimony of those moments fans are not used to seeing and that are so valuable to publish on Social Networks, press, or as additional content of the record.

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