Marcos Cebrián was born in Zaragoza in 1984. At a very young age, photography became his greater interest and since then all his life has revolved around it.

In 2012, he started his professional career within the framework of the performing arts; he became the official photographer in Teatro de las Esquinas, Zaragoza. All during these years of work, he has drawn up the audiovisual archive of the theatre with his pictures of the shows of all the national and international groups that have performed there.

At the same time, his professional career has developed in other fields such as media, sports, sports marketing, business, gastronomy and product photography.

His solid photography experience has allowed him to carry out important projects, unleashing his creativity and judgement freedom. Some of them are the coverage of Kase-o's tour "El Círculo" (2016-2019); Asalto's Intenational Urban Art Festival (since 2016) and several works for Cervezas Ambar, Zaragoza Tourism and the Government of Aragón.

In 2019, he published "Zaragoza Walkers: 5 years of life on the streets", a compilation of his most personal artistic project. Born in 2014, Zaragoza Walkers reinterprets street photography thanks to his previous theatrical experience and depicts different cities around the world.

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